NCE BIRTHS START TO OCCUR, naming your new family members is entirely up to you; the GM will attempt to have as little input as possible.  You might want to try and develop an ethnic feel for your house, so as an aid here are the forenames used by some of the European royal houses roughly from the tenth to sixteenth centuries.  The names are separated by sex, male first, and given in order of popularity.  Where there was a great deal of inter-marriage between families, the same names do tend crop up; on the other hand, in kingdoms like Scotland where dynasties changed with alarming frequency, the range is more eclectic.

I have used only names of individuals born into a family, not those who marry into it, to avoid distortion.  One thing these lists do show is the lack of originality and imagination royal families have shown in choosing names; just like the rest of us, really.

These names come from a number of sources, and are given exactly as originally shown; this means there is a lack of consistency in transliteration between languages (e.g. French kings called Henry or Henri).  If you still want more, I can recommend the website at , which includes many more royal and noble genealogies (and more detail on the ones shown here), or the Society for Creative Anachronism: their general website is, with a specific section on names from various medieval languages and regions at .

You will notice that there are far more male than female names; this is not because more male children were born, but daughters' names weren't so rigorously recorded, as they were less likely to inherit a title.  I have listed only monarchs, and their sons/daughters.

There is, of course, no reason to stick to these names.  Please feel free to find names from other sources or to make up names for your characters - however, anything excessively silly may be replaced by the GM with something more appropriate from your family tree.


Celtic Brittany; Connacht; Deheubarth; Gwynedd; Leinster; Munster; Powys; Scotland; Thomond
English England
French Brittany; Burgundy; France; Lorraine; Provence; Navarre
Germanic Austria; Baden; Bavaria; Brunswick-Luneberg; Hesse; Holland; Luxemburg; Saxony; Wurttemburg
Hispanic Aragon; Castile & Leon; Portugal
Italian Ferrara; Florence; Italy; Mantua; Milan; Urbino
Nordic Denmark; Lithuania; Norway; Sweden
Slavic Bohemia; Kiev; Hungary; Poland; Russia; Vladimir


Aragon (Spain): 1063-1410 (Sancho I to Martin I)
Male Female
Pedro (9) Constanza, Elena (4)
Alfonso (8) Yolanda (3)
Diego (6) Isabel, Maria (2)
Juan, Sancho (3) Beatriz, Elisa Dulcia, Margarita, Petronillia, Sancha (1)
Fernando, Federico, Ramon (2)
Guillermo, Luis, Manfredo, Martin, Nuñez, Ramiro (1)

Austria: 1102-1439 (Leopold III to Albrecht V)
Male Female
Albrecht, Leopold (8) Agnes (5)
Friedrich (7) Margaret (4)
Heinrich (5) Gertrud (3)
Rudolph (4) Elizabeth (2)
Otto (2) Catherine, Clementia, Gutta, Hedwig, Matilda (1)
Adalbert, Conrad, Ernest, Hartmann, Hermann, Johan, Premysl, Sigismund, Wilhelm (1)

Baden (Germany): 1064-1588 (Herman I to Philip II)
Male Female
Hermann, Rudolf (8) Beatrix, Margaret, Mary Jacobea (1)
Bernard (4)
Friedrich (3)
Charles, Christopher, Hesso, James, Philip (2)
Edward Fortunatus, Ernst Friedrich, Ernst, Georg, Georg Friedrich, Philibert (1)

Bavaria (Germany): 1102-1545 (Guelph II the Fat to Louis X)
Male Female
Ludwig (11) Eleanor, Gurtrude, Isabelle, Jacqueline, Maud, Richenza, Richza, Sabine, Suzanne (1)
Otto (6)
Heinrich (5)
Albert, Johann, Wilhelm (4)
Stefan (3)
Rudolf (2)
Adolf, Ernst, Friedrich, Georg, Guelph, Luther, Meinhard, Rupprecht, Sigismund (1)

Bohemia: 1002-1561 (Vladivoj to Vladislas II)
Male Female
Wenceslas (6) Anne (4)
Vladislas/ Vladislav (4) Elizabeth (3)
Bretislav, Conrad, Henry, Premysl Ottokar, Sobeslav (2) Anezka, Kunegunda, Margaret (1)
Albert, Borivoj, Karel, Frederik, George, Jaromir, Jan, Jan Henry, Ladislas, Rudolf, Sigismund, Spytihnev, Svatopluk, Ulrich, Vladivoj, Vratislav (1)

Brittany (France, Celtic): 1008-1514 (Alan III to Anne)
Male Female
Jean (5) Marie/ Mary (4)
Arthur, Conan (3) Alice, Blanche (3)
Brian, Francis, Hoel, Pierre (2) Constance, Joan, Margaret (2)
Alan, Enoguen, Giles, Henry, Richard (1) Anne, Beatrice, Bertha, Eleanor, Hawisa, Katherine, Matilda (1)

Brunswick-Luneburg (Germany): 1235-1592 (Otto I Puer to William the Younger)
Male Female
Otto (8) Anne Marie, Elizabeth, Helene, Katharina, Matilda, Sibylle (1)
Heinrich (7)
Wilhelm (5)
Friedrich (4)
Ernst (3)
Albreckt, Bernard, Erik, Francis, Magnus (2)
Augustus, Christian, Conrad, Georg, Johann, Julius, Luther (1)

Burgundy: 1031-1477 (Robert I to Charles the Bold)
Male Female
Hugh (8) Alix, Margaret/ Marguerite (4)
Robert (6) Beatrix, Marie/ Mary (3)
Eudes (5) Helie, Isabella/ Isabelle, Jeanne, Joan, Mahaut (2)
Henri/ Henry, Jean/ John (4) Agnes, Aigeline, Anne, Aremburge, Blanche, Catherine, Clemence, Constance, Ducissa, Florine, Hildegard, Mathilde, Sibylle (1)
Philip (2)
Alexandre, Charles, Gauthier, Louis, Raymond, Renaud, Simon (1)

Castile & Leon, Galicia (Spain): 1028-1555 (Vermudo III of Leon to Juana the Mad)
Male Female
Alfonso (11) Leonor (7)
Fernando (10) Costanza, Sancha (6)
Sancho (9) Beatriz, Isabel, Juana, Maria, Urraca (4)
Enrique (7) Elvira (3)
Juan (6) Berengaria, Berenguela, Blanca, Catalina (2)
Pedro (5) Catherine, Dulce, Mafalda, Teresa, Violante (1)
Garcia (3)
Fadrique, Felipe (2)
Jaime, Manuel, Martin, Raimundez, Tello, Vermudo (1)

Connacht (Ireland): 1046-1464 (Ael Gil to Brian O'Connor)
Male Female
Aed (8)
Cathal (7)
Ruadhri/ Ruaidhri/ Ruaidri, Toirdhealbhach/ Toirrdelbach (6)
Aodh, Fedlimid/ Fedlimit/ Feidlimidh (5)
Brian, Conchobar, Diarmaid/ Diarmait, Tadg/ Tadgh (3)
Domnall (2)
Cairbre, Donnchadh, Eogan, Mael Isu, Magnus, Muirchertach (1)

Deheubarth (Wales): 1078-1201 (Rhys to Gruffydd)
Male Female
Rhys (8) Gwenllian (3)
Maredudd (7) Nest (2)
Gruffydd (4) Elen, Gwladus, Marared, Margaret (1)
Hywel, Llywelyn (3)
Maelgwn, Owain, Tudur (2)
Anarawd, Cadell, Cynan, Cynwrig, Einion, Goronwy, Owen, Thomas (1)

Denmark: 1014-1396 (Harald III Sveynsson to Margaret)
Male Female
Valdemar (11) Margaret (6)
Erik (10) Sophia/ Sophie (4)
Knud / Knut / Cnut (8) Ingeborg (3)
Harald / Harold, Niels (5) Agnes, Gunhild/ Gunhilda, Katherina/ Katherine, Ragnhild (2)
Magnus (4) Cecilie, Elizabeth, Heilwig, Helen, Hildegard, Ingrid, Jutta, Luccardis, Marie, Matilda, Richeza, Rikisa, Sigrid, Ulfhild (1)
Christof, Olaf/ Oluf (3)
Abel, Benedict, Björn, Christopher, Henrik, Svend (2)
Alfivason, Charles, Eymund, Guttorm, Harthacnut, Inge, Mistivint, Otto, Sigurd, Sivard, Son, Svein, Sven, Thorgil, Ulf (1)

England: 1066-1605 (William I the Conqueror to Elizabeth I)
Male Female
Henry (14) Joan (9)
William (13) Matilda (7)
Edward, John, Richard (12) Mary (6)
Edmund (5) Eleanor, Margaret (5)
Geoffrey, Thomas (4) Catherine/ Katherine, Elizabeth, Isabella (4)
Arthur, Robert (2) Blanche, Sybilla/ Sybillia (3)
Adam, Alfonso, Almaric, Baldwin, Eustace, Fulk, George, Gervaise, Gilbert, Hugh, Humphrey, Ivo, Lionel, Morgan, Nicholas, Odo, Oliver, Osbert, Peter, Philip, Rainald, Ralph, Roland, Stephen (1) Alice, Beatrice, Constance (2)
Adela, Adeliza, Agatha, Anne, Berengaria, Bridget, Cecilia, Cicely, Emma, Euphamia, Eustacie, Grace, Gundred, Jane, Joanna, Julian, Philippa, Rohese (1)

Ferrara (Italy): 1264-1597 (Orbizzo I to Alfonso II)
Male Female
Niccolo (3) d'Anne (1)
Alfonso, Ercole, Orbizzo (2)
Alberto, Aldobrandino, Azzo, Borso, Fresco, Leonello, Rinaldo (1)

Florence (Italy): 1434-1503 (Cosimo the Elder to Piero II L'Infortuné)
Male Female
John, Piero (3) Clarisse, Contessina, Lucrezia, Madeleine (1)
Cosimo, Giuliano, Julien, Lorenzo (2)

France: 1031-1589 (Henry I to Henry III)
Male Female
Charles (14) Maria/ Marie/ Mary (7)
Louis, Philip (11) Jeanne, Margaret/ Marguerite (6)
Henri/ Henry (5) Isabella/ Isabelle (5)
Francis/ Francois, John (4) Joan (4)
Robert (3) Catherine (3)
Alphonse, Charles-Orlando, Hercule, Hugh, Peter, Victoire (1) Agnes, Anne, Charlotte, Claude, Constance, Elizabeth, Madeleine (2)
Adelaide, Adele, Alisa, Blanche, Cecilia, Diane, Guyotte, Louise, Michelle, Renee, Yolande (1)

Gwynedd (Wales): 1081-1283 (Gruffydd ap Cynan to Dafydd III)
Male Female
Owain, Llywelyn (5) Gwenllian (5)
Dafydd, Gruffydd (3) Angharad, Gwladus (2)
Rhodri (2) Annest, Helen, Marared, Margaret, Rannilt, Susanna (1)
Cadwaladr, Cadwallon, Cynan, Hywel, Iorwerth, Maelgwn, Maredudd, Rhun, Thomas (1)

Hesse (Germany): 1264-1632 (Henry I the Child to Maurice the Learned)
Male Female
Wilhelm (5) Elizabeth (2)
Heinrich (4) Agnes, Barbara, Christine (1)
Louis/ Ludwig (3)
Georg, Hermann, Johann, Maurice, Otto, Philip (1)

Holland: 1039-1299 (Dirk IV to John I)
Male Female
Floris (5) Aleidis (1)
Dirk (4)
William (2)
John (1)

Hungary: 1038-1526 (Peter to Louis II)
Male Female
Ladislas (6) Anna/ Anne (4)
Stephen (4) Elizabeth (3)
Andrew, Bela (3) Margaret, Mary (2)
Charles, Geza, Louis (2) Adalaide, Constance, Jadwiga, Joan, Konstancia, Kunegunda, Lanka, Sophie, Violante (1)
Albert, Almos, Clemence, Emeric, Istvan, Koloman, Matthias, Peter, Robert, Salamon, Samuel Aba, Vladislas, Wenceslas (1)

Italy: 1265-1435 (Charles I to Joanna II)
Male Female
Charles (7) Blanche, Joanne, Margaret (2)
Philip, Louis (3) Beatrice, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Mary (1)
Robert (2)
Andrew, John, Ladislas, Raymond (1)

Kiev (Russia): 1015-1264 (Svyatapolk I to Rostislav)
Male Female
Isjaslav/ Izyaslav (5) Anna, Maria/ Marie (3)
Vsevolod (4) Agatha, Agrafia, Anastasia Agmunda, Dobronega, Elena, Ellisif, Euphamia, Euphrosyne, Eupraxia, Ingeborg, Irene, Katherine, Kunegunda, Malmfrid, Olga, Predeslava, Sbislava (1)
Vladimir (3)
Andrei, David, Gleb, Igor, Jaroslav/ Yaroslav, Mstislav, Rostislav, Svatoslav/ Svyatoslav, Viacheslav/ Vyacheslav (2)
Mikhail, Oleg, Roman, Svyatopolk, Valdimar, Vseslav, Yaropolk, Yurii (1)

Leinster (Ireland): 1003-1171 (Mael Morda O'Faelaim to Diarmait MacMurchada)
Male Female
Diarmait (4) Aoife, Gilla, Maelcorcre, Urlachan (1)
Donnchad, Enna, Murchad (3)
Domnall/ Donall, Donncuan, Mael Morda (2)
Augaire, Bran, Conchobar, Dunlaing (1)

Lithuania: 1295-1440 (Vytenis to Zygimantas)
Male Female
Algirdas, Andrei, Dmitry, Fedor, Gediminas, Juanutis-Ivan, Karijotas-Mikhail, Kestutis, Konstantin, Liubartas-Dmitry, Manvytas, Mikhail, Narimantas-Gleb, Semen, Svitrigaila-Boleslaw, Tautvilas, Vaidotas-Baitautas, Vladimir, Vytautas, Vytenis, Zygimantas (1) Agrafena, Aigusta, Aldona, Anastasia, Danute, Elzbieta, Eufemia, Fedora, Maria, Miklause-Maria, Ringaile, Swalegote (1)

Lorraine (France): 1070-1608 (Thierry II to Charles III the Great)
Male Female
Ferry (3) Isabel/ Isabelle, Margareta/ Marguerite (2)
Charles, Francis, Frederick, John, Matthew, Simon, Thiebaut, Thierry (2) Agathe, Alix, Christine, Judith, Nicola (1)
Anthony, Claude, Henry, Jean, Nicholas, Rene, Rudolf (1)

Luxemburg: 1059-1371 (Conrad I to Guy)
Male Female
Henry (5) Ermesind (2)
Conrad, Walram (2) Philippine (1)
Guy, Jean, John, William (1)

Mantua (Italy): 1433-1612 (Gianfrancesco to Vincent)
Male Female
Francesco (3) Eleanore (1)
Federico, Vincent/ Vincenzo (2)
Ferdinando, Gianfrancesco, Guglielmo, Ludovico, Luigi (1)

Milan (Italy): 1287-1535 (Matteo I the Great to Francesco II)
Male Female
Francesco, Gian Galeazzo, Matteo (2) Bianca Maria, Hippolyta, Lucia, Violante (1)
Azzone, Bernabo, Filippo Maria, Galeazzo, Galeazzo Maria, Galeazzon, Giovanni, Giovanni Maria, Luchino, Ludovico Maria, Massimiliano (1)

Munster (Ireland): 1064-1194 (Murchad O'Brien to Donnell Mor O'Brien)
Male Female
Domnall, Donnachad/ Donnchad, Muirchertach (3) Amlaib, Blathmin, Moy (1)
Conchobar, Tadg, Toirrdelbach (2)
Brian, Diarmait, Glae, Mathgamain, Murchard (1)

Navarre (France): 1234-1572 (Theobald I to Jeanne d'Albret)
Male Female
Henry (4) Blanche (3)
Charles, Theobald (3) Catherine, Jeanne, Joan (2)
Francis, Gaston, Philippe (1) Eleanor (1)

Norway: 1016-1380 (St Olav II the Holy to Haakon VI)
Male Female
Magnus (10) Cecilia/ Cecilie, Christina, Ingeborg, Maria (3)
Haakon (7) Margaret, Ragnild/ Ragnhild (2)
Sigurd (6) Agnes, Brigida, Ingigerd, Thora, Ulfhild (1)
Olav/ Oluf (5)
Eystein, Harald (3)
Eric/ Erik, Guttorm, Inge (2)
Eirik, Erling, Sverker, Sverre, Sweyn (1)

Poland: 1025-1572 (Mieszko II Lambert to Sigismund II Augustus)
Male Female
Casimir, Wladislaw/ Wladyslaw (5) Elizabeth (3)
Boleslaw (3) Anne (2)
Mieszko, Przemysl, Sigismund, Wenceslas (2) Agnes, Barbara, Catherine, Elzbieta, Elzbieta-Bonifacia, Gertrude, Hedwig, Kunegunda, Richza, Sophie (1)
Alexander, John, Waclaw, Zbigniew (1)

Portugal: 1093-1580 (Henry of Burgundy to Antonio)
Male Female
Affonso/ Afonso/ Alfonso (18) Maria (10)
Joao (9) Beatrice/ Beatriz (6)
Ferdinand/ Fernando (7) Branca, Isabel/ Isabella (5)
Henrique/ Henry (6) Sancha (4)
Denis/ Diniz, Duarte, Pedro (4) Costanza, Teresa (3)
John (3) Joana, Leonor, Mafalda, Urraca (2)
Antonio, Luiz, Manoel/ Manuel, Sancho, Vicente (2) Affonsa, Berengaria, Catarina, Eleonore, Filippa (1)
Carlos, Filippe, Jorge, Martim, Miguel, Raimundo, Roberto, Sebastiao (1)

Powys (Wales): 1063-1269 (Bleddyn to Gruffydd)
Male Female
Gruffydd (10) Gwenllian (2)
Madog (8) Angharad, Hunydd, Isabel, Lowry, Marared (1)
Owain (5)
Iorwerth (4)
Llywelyn (3)
Bleddyn, Cadwgan, Hywel, Llywelyn, Maredudd (2)
Caswallon, Cynwrig, David, Elisse, Gwenwynwyn, Ithel, Llywarch, Meurig, Owen Rhiryd (1)

Provence (France): 1131-1267 (Raymond Berengar to Beatrice)
Male Female
Raymond Berengar (3) Beatrice, Dulcia, Eleanor, Marguerite, Sanchia (1)
Alphonso (2)
Fernando, Pere, Sancho (1)

Russia: 1353-1584 (Ivan II the Gentle to Ivan IV the Terrible)
Male Female
Ivan (7) Anna (4)
Yuri (6) Maria/ Marie (3)
Dimitri/ Dmitry (5) Anastasia, Eudoxia, Helene (2)
Andrei, Simeon (4) Liubov', Sophia, Theodosia, Vassilissa (1)
Basil (3)
Daniel (2)
Boris, Constantine, Petr/ Piotr, Theodore, Vassili (1)

Saxony (Germany): 1423-1595 (Frederick I the Warlike to John Frederick II)
Male Female
Friedrich (3) Anna (3)
Christian, Johann Friedrich (2) Christina/ Christine (2)
Albrecht, Augustus, Ernst, Georg, Heinrich, Johann, Johann Wilhelm, Johann Georg, Maurice, Wilhelm (1) Dorothea, Katharina, Magdalena, Margaret (1)

Scotland: 1005-1587 (Malcolm II to Mary Queen of Scots)
Male Female
James (13) Margaret (10)
Alexander (9) Mary (5)
John, Robert (7) Elizabeth, Jean, Marjorie/ Marjory (3)
Malcolm (6) Isabel/ Isabella, Matilda (2)
David (5) Annabella, Anne, Bethoc, Catherine, Christina, Claricia, Dovada, Egidia, Eleanor, Hodierna, Joan, Katherine, Maelmuir (1)
Arthur, Donald, Duncan, Edward, Walter, William (2)
Adam, Edgar, Edmund, Ethelred, Henry, Lulach, Macbeth, Malsnechtai, Neil (1)

Sweden: 1022-1470 (Anund to Charles VIII)
Male Female
Eric/ Erik (8) Katerina/ Katharina/ Katherina (5)
Magnus (3) Margareta (4)
Birger/ Birgir, Charles, Inge, John, Knut, Philip, Sverker, Valdemar (2) Kristin/ Kristina, Ingeborg, Rikissa (3)
Albert, Amund, Anund, Bengt, Boleslaw, Emund, Folki, Halsten, Karl, Kol, Rognvald, Stenkil, Sune, Thure (1) Helen (2)
Agnes, Brita, Kristina, Magdalen, Marina, Marta, Sigrid, Sophie (1)

Thomond (Ireland): 1118-1551 (Conchobar O'Brien to Murchadh macToirdhealbaig)
Male Female
Toirdhealbhach/ Toirdhealbhagh/ Toirrdelbach (10) Slaine/ Slaney (2)
Donnchad/ Donnchadh (9) Margaret, Mary (1)
Brian, Conchobar/ Conchobhar, Muircheartach/ Muirchertach, Tadgh/ Tedg (7)
Dermod/ Dermot/ Diarmaid/ Diarmait, Domhnall/ Domnall (6)
Mathghamhain, Murchadh (4)
Constantin, Donnell, Iohan, Murchada, Torlogh (1)

Urbino (Italy): 1226-1631 (Buoncontre to Francesco Maria II)
Male Female
Federico (3) Giovanna (1)
Francesco Maria, Guidubaldo (2)
Antonio, Buoncontre, Frederico Ubaldo, Guidantonio, Guido, Montefeltrano, Nolfo, Oddantonio (1)

Vladimir (Russia): 1054-1383 (Igor to Dimitri IV)
Male Female
Vsevolod (4) Maria/ Marie (3)
Aleksander/ Aleksandr/ Alexander, Andrei/ Andrew, Dimitri/ Dmitry, Michael/ Mikhail, Vasily/ Vassili/ Vassilii (3) Eudoxia (2)
Constantine, Daniel/ Daniil, Igor, Yaroslav, Yuri/ Yurii (2) Fedora, Helen, Juliane, Rostislava, Ul'iana, Vierchuslava, Vseslava (1)
David, Gleb, Isjaslav, Ivan, Konstantin, Mstislav, Oleg, Svyatoslav, Theodore, Vassilko, Vladimir, Vselvodko (1)

Wurttemburg (Germany): 1241-1593 (Ulrich I the Founder to Louis)
Male Female
Ulrich (7)
Eberhard (5)
Ludwig (3)
Christof/ Christopher (2)
Eleanore, Georg, Heinrich (1)

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