The following are fonts I have chosen to use for Blood Royal; you aren't required to download these, as the stylesheets include alternatives from the standard fonts available on everyone's computers, but they're what I see as I write and test the game, and you may want to add them to your machine.  These are PC versions; if anyone has, or is aware of, freeware Mac versions which I can add here, please let me know.
  • Kelt Font: 96K. This is the decorative font used for the headings, maps, drop caps, etc..  In the game itself, it will be the primary choice for some of the colour text, as a font that looks medieval, but is still quite readable.  None of the important game information will be displayed in this font, but it's a nice one to have.

  • Trebuchet Font: 170K. This is a sans-serif font I find to be quite elegant and easy on the eye. I use it instead of Arial, which is perfectly acceptable, but it's here if you want it.

  • Beroert Font: 170K. This is an alphabet and font created for the world of Blood Royal.  The pack consists of a TrueType font for the script, and Word and WordPro documents explaining the sound represented by each letter, and the keys required to produce it from the font.
The maps in the Player's Guide are handdrawn, by me, using Paint Shop Pro.  From the start I wanted a map that would be large enough that I could add detail, and then resize it to a smaller size later; the other way round could have meant me having to redraw from scratch if I suddenly wanted to add more detail.  I ended up with a map just short of 4000 x 3000 pixels, which - while a headache to load on my old PC! - was quite adequate for what I wanted.

Obviously that would have been far too big to put in the documentation, so the maps in the Player's Guide are either resized to 1024x765 - a convenient size to view on the screen - or are regional sections cut out of that full-size map.

Here, for those that want it, is the complete map, with all the detail layers - forest, towns, castles, text - at 4000x3000 resolution.  It weighs in at 6.5mB, so be patient; and don't download it too frequently, or the hosting costs might start to mount up!

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