I REALLY DON'T KNOW how this happened; it's not what I went into politics for; I've never been a big fan of getting dressed up for formal occasions. But... somehow or other... I find that from May 2003 to June 2004 I am the Mayor of Worthing, a town on the south coast of England, between the South Downs and the sea.

It's a tremendous privilege to have this role - not because I get to wear a chain and ride around in a car with a flag on it, but because in the course of the year I have met hundreds if not thousands of people who contribute enormously to the life and energy of the community I live in and represent.  The voluntary sector, in which I include carers, Scout & Guide leaders, musicians, artists, actors, youth workers, charities of all types and interests, is a huge area in Worthing, and I am honoured to represent them, and represent the town to them.

It has also been amazing to witness the talent and enthusiasm of the young people of Worthing - we have seen so many shows and events in which they have participated, and I am left breathless and humbled by the creativity they display.  The future is bright - in Worthing, anyway!

If you want to see a couple of pictures of me in my robes, go to the Worthing Borough Council website by clicking here