District Councils

All the Borough and District Councils in West Sussex have recently had their council size and ward boundaries reviewed. For four councils - Arun, Chichester, Horsham and Mid Sussex - the new boundaries were implemented at the 2003 elections; these are the councils which elect a full council every four years.
For the other three - Adur, Crawley and Worthing - the new boundaries will come into effect with full-council elections in 2004, reverting to election by thirds thereafter.

The divisions for the County Council are being similarly reviewed, with draft recommendations to be published at the end of 2003, and implementation for the next elections in 2005.
The boundaries of the parliamentary constituencies are due for review in 2004, and hopefully will be implemented in time for the next General Election, in 2005/6.

Election Results

I intend to maintain an archive of all Borough, District and County Council results for West Sussex, starting with the current boundary changes.

  • Search Facility
    Currently covers: 2003 elections for Arun, Chichester, Horsham, Mid Sussex

These links will take you to 1-2-3 spreadsheets with election data for the council indicated.
  • West Sussex
    Available following all-out elections in 2005.

  • Adur
    Available following all-out elections in 2004.
  • Arun
    Includes: 2003.
    Next elections: 2007
  • Chichester
    Includes: 2003.
    Next elections: 2007
  • Crawley
    Available following all-out elections in 2004.
  • Horsham
    Includes: 2003.
    Next elections: 2007
  • Mid Sussex
    Includes: 2003.
    Next elections: 2007
  • Worthing
    Available following all-out elections in 2004.

Ward Maps

Below are links to maps of West Sussex, showing relevant information. The files are large (close to 300k, except the Current Party map, which is nearly 400k), so be patient when downloading.

  • District Wards
    The wards are numbered on this, and all other maps; for the key to ward names, click here for a 1-2-3 spreadsheet including electorates.

  • Districts: Current Party
    This shows which party holds each seat.  For those councils which have yet to implement the review, I have made an estimate as to who will hold the new seats.  For most seats this is easy - if a ward hasn't substantially changed its boundaries, or the number of councillors is remaining the same, and all its councillors were of one party before the change, assuming they'll all be the same afterwards is a reasonable guess.  In Adur the political pattern is more fluid, with several existing wards having a mix of councillors from different parties; where these wards are having their number of seats reduced, I have marked these as 'Vacant'.  I'll update this map for by-elections, and after the 2004 elections, when it will be fully accurate.

  • Parliamentary Constituencies.
    This is my estimate for a 'least-change' scenario when the Boundary Commission reviews the situation. There's no need for more or fewer constituencies, and all that needs to be done is to tweak constituency boundaries where wards have change their boundaries, and to move a couple of wards in the north east part of Chichester district.  Current constituency boundaries can be checked at Election-Maps.co.uk, and I'll update this map to reflect any discrepancies when the Boundary Commission have done their work.

  • County Council, Divisions and Parties.
    These maps will be produced after the publication of draft recommendations by the Boundary Committee for England, with a 'best guess' as to the party holding each seat under new boundaries.